The Creative Eco-Affordable Housing Project

Blue Mountains City Council has recently launched a Planetary Health initiative, and in response, BMCAN’S Wild Mountain Collective has joined forces with Blue Mountain’s OWN (Older Women’s Network) to explore options for creating eco-affordable housing for creative engagement by low-income local residents.

The Re-imagining Waste Creative Art Project

The Blue Mountains Creative Arts Network is partnering with artist and cultural worker, Janelle Randall-Court, a Bundjalung/ Yaegl woman who lives in the Blue Mountains, in a project which is aimed at dealing with the issues of re-imagining how we can handle waste management more creatively as a community.

Barbara Lepani Launches the WMC Publishing Arm!

Barbara has launched her first two self-published books including her memoir, Call of the Dakini: A Memoir of a Life Lived, which is published as an ebook and paperback on If you would like to self-publish on Amazon with WMC publishing support, you can contact:


The Ecology of Revelation

Insights from Tibetan Buddhism The Buddhist scholar, Antonio Terrone (JSRNC 8.4 (2014) 460-482, has explored how the Tibetan Buddhist terma (treasure) tradition of revealed teachings is based on forming an interdependent exchange between humans and the land they inhabit.  The terma tradition is associated with the 8th century mystic Padmasambhava who is credited with bringing [...]

Lessons from Deep Time Mythic Thinking

The Serpent Gurrangatch and the Hunter Mirragan  The following post is based on a talk that Bhikkhu Sujato gave at “New Horizons in Buddhism”, the 16th Sakyadhita International Conference on Buddhist Women, held at Leura in the Blue Mountains in June 2019. Global warming is an unprecedented threat to the survival of our civilization and [...]

Linking Ancient Songlines—Art/Science Collaboration with Elders

The Genestream Sculpture Sculpture Designer, Ben Beeton: "When you walk into this sculpture you represent humanity…there's that sense of responsibility, that sense of heritage and — as the Indigenous people will tell you – that stewardship of the land." It is hoped the sculpture will be the first of more than 100 artworks linking ancient [...]

O U R  S T O R Y …

The Wild Mountain Collective has been established by the Blue Mountains Creative Arts Network as a home for members of the Greater Blue Mountains to explore and celebrate the connection between the wild beauty of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area and our creative energies and social engagement.

Through our projects, blog posts, events and publishing, we are inspired by the way in which the songlines of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures have kept their culture alive through the arts—through storytelling, song, dance, performance and painting—across millennia for more than 65,000 years.

Through the creative arts we can all experience the idea of ‘co-becoming’ which the Women Elders of North East Arnhem Land tell us is the correct way of understanding life.  As Gundungurra Elder, Aunty Sharyn Hall explains, this idea of ‘co-becoming’ is intrinsic to the way we understand County (Ngurra).

Ngurra takes in everything within the physical, cultural, and spiritual landscape – landforms, waters, air, trees, rocks, plants, animals, foods, medicines, minerals, stories, and special places. It includes cultural practice, kinship, knowledge, songs, stories, and art, as well as spiritual beings, and people: past, present, and future.