Welcoming Damian Castaldi to the Wild Mountain Collective

I have been introduced to the Wild Mountain Collective and Barbara Lepani by Katrina Noorbergen, the program officer at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre because of my sonic arts background and interest in recording and composing soundscapes.

I am interested in some of it’s core principles, a deep concern for the environment, sustainability and the collaborative capacity in bringing like minded, intelligent and sensitive people together within our broader arts, writing, music and audio production culture here in the Blue Mountains. I have proposed the idea of collaborating in the production of an initial series of podcasts to both document and hear from those interested and will be taking a producer / director’s role in this.

Damian Castaldi is a sound and mixed media artist. He is the co director of The Last Bureau, an arts and media production company based in Katoomba. The Last Bureau brings together their passion for art, music, education and technology and is motivated by their combined practices in creative programming, web development, audiovisual installation, interface design, sound design and music production.