Month: December 2018

Encountering the Wild at Gallery H Basement Dargan

[dropcap]On[/dropcap] Saturday 1 December, the Wild Mountain Collective held its  Encountering the Wild Multi Arts Festival launch event at Mark O'Carrigan's complex at Dargan, which includes a cafe, Gallery H and its basement function space.  Willem Hendriksen of Retro Rehash sourced the musicians, Simon Hearn sourced the artists, Simon Hearn and Henryk Topolnicki curated the [...]
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Lorraine Shannon – The Myth Gap Review

Perhaps the most famous 'myth' of Aboriginal culture is that associated with the Rainbow Serpent.  However Aboriginal culture is also rich in the mythology of other Creation Ancestors whose actions created the features of the Australian landscape.  Their journeys are recorded in songlines that criss cross Australia, and are remembered through dance, ceremony, art and [...]
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