Month: July 2020

James Bradley’s “Ghost Species”, 2020

James Bradley Trained as a lawyer  before becoming a writer, Bradley lives in Sydney with his partner, the novelist Mardi McConnochie. Bradley's novels, which have been published internationally, explore both past and future. His books include seven novels and a book of poetry. He has also edited two anthologies, Blur, a collection of writing by young Australian [...]
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Jem Blendell—The Human Propensity for ‘Escape’ from the Reality of Death

The Ideology of Escape This post is taken from Professor Jem Bendell’s Deep Adaptation Forum newsletter That modern humans have been oppressing and destroying life on Earth is the most obvious and salient observational fact of our time. I am interested in the deepest reasons for that, beneath the injuries from colonialism, capitalism, patriarchy, anthropocentrism […]

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