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Rhizomatic Thinking—Responding to Our Times

David Pledger—Thinker and Provocateur The following ideas in this blog post are taken from the writings of David Pledger an award-winning contemporary artist, curator, cultural commentator and thinker working within and between the performing, visual and media arts. David writes regularly for Daily Review.   David is a graduate of the National Institute of [...]
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Freya Mathews: The Epistemic and Cultural Challenge

Conflicting Worldviews  Barbara Lepani—in her Opinion article on revisioning conservation for the ABC Religion and Ethics Report (18 Dec 2019), Professor Freya Mathews, a patron of the Wild Mountain Collective, also discusses the important difference between the modern Western idea of 'law' and the idea of 'Law' in Aboriginal culture.  We see this playing out [...]
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Finding our Inner Wilderness—Max St John

THE DARK MOUNTAIN PROJECT In this article, published by the Dark Mountain Project ( Max St John talks about his journey to find his own sense of the wilderness within, through the Daoist body practice of Nei Gong.  He describes the profound alienation from our inner wilderness that is 'built in' to our modern consumerist, [...]
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