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Wildspace Learning Event 12 September

RECONNECTING WITH NATURE—AN EVENT FOR YOU Uncertainty has always been here, now we’re noticing it. Wakeful leaders, thinkers and NATURE herself, implore us to listen. However, it may just be too hard to hear this knowing alone. Do we hide? Do we escape? Do we try to create ‘a normal’ from our cushioning among empty […]

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Jem Blendell—The Human Propensity for ‘Escape’ from the Reality of Death

The Ideology of Escape This post is taken from Professor Jem Bendell’s Deep Adaptation Forum newsletter That modern humans have been oppressing and destroying life on Earth is the most obvious and salient observational fact of our time. I am interested in the deepest reasons for that, beneath the injuries from colonialism, capitalism, patriarchy, anthropocentrism […]

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Decolonisation of Knowledge—Alex Broadbent

Alex Broadbent Co-Director, African Centre for Epistemology and Philosophy of Science, and Executive Dean, Faculty of Humanities, University of Johannesburg Academia and Decolonisation It has become unfashionable to admit that one doesn’t really understand what phrases like “decolonising knowledge” or “a decolonised curriculum” mean. This is unfortunate. The process of coming to understand what decolonisation […]

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Ways of Thinking Ecologically—David Wright

David Wright David works through the Social Ecology group in the School of Education, Western Sydney University. He is increasingly interested in how ecological understanding can be articulated, communicated and approached through effective learning programs. David has a background in writing for performance and drama and performance studies and brings this to work in his [...]
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