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Ways of Thinking Ecologically—David Wright

David Wright David works through the Social Ecology group in the School of Education, Western Sydney University. He is increasingly interested in how ecological understanding can be articulated, communicated and approached through effective learning programs. David has a background in writing for performance and drama and performance studies and brings this to work in his [...]
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Creative Arts Leadership Program 2020

••••• SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT ••••• Leadership is a hot topic – first around the summer bushfires, now around responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, revealing the intersection between health, economics, and community. Our creative arts sector has been severely impacted. This is where leadership counts. By reading this paper and joining the forum discussion, you are helping […]

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Arts & Culture Cross Sector Collaboration

IMAGE: KATOOMBA STREET ART GALLERY, BLUE MOUNTAINS The Street Art Walk is a dynamic, community-driven cultural treasure of the Blue Mountains, created by Street Art Murals Australia (SAMA) in partnership with the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, University of Western Sydney and relevant stakeholders in the Beverly Place precinct. This example of cross sector collaboration resulted [...]
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Mythic Ways of Knowing

Dream We are all familiar with the way dreams speak to us in strangely assembled images, drawn from the past, interspersed with our fears, and projected into our future. There is even the ‘science’ of travelling through space and time with lucid (consciously aware) dreaming. While dreams clearly have a function in helping us process [...]
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