Ian RT Colless—Gundungurra Choreographer and Artist

Communicating Indigenous Knowledge and Connection to Country through dance Ian RT Colless, a First Nations Artist and Dancer who lives and works between Sydney and New York, will give a talk at the Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute Eco-Arts Seminar on Sunday 24 October, about his duty and deep sense of custodianship as a First  [...]

Designing Regenerative Cultures

Ecological Design David Orr, a professor Environmental Studies and Politics, suggests four reasons why ecological design provides a paradigm shift for thinking about how to tackles the various crises of our times that we can lay at the feet of the sort of thinking that has underpinned Western Civilisation that birthed economic globalisation and the [...]

Call of the Dakini—A Memoir of a Life Lived

I have now published my memoir, Call of the Dakini—A Memoir of a Life Lived, as a ebook and paperback on  Because the Amazon self publishing system does not have standard colour printing in Australia, I have also created a 2nd edition B&W edition with greyscale images inside, in order to significantly reduce its [...]

Tulkus, Tertons and Turmoil: East Tibet 1855-1955

Why is Tulkus, Tertons, Turmoil: East Tibet 1855-1955 an Important Story Published on Firstly it shows how the great 19th century spiritual renaissance of Buddhism in Kham, known as the Rimé (non-sectarian) period, occurred in a land rent by constant political turmoil, rather than in the romantic idea of ‘Shangri La’, a society of peace [...]

Songspirals: Sharing Women’s Wisdom of Country

Get yourself a copy of this most wondrous book if you would like to gain a deep insight into the songline (songspiral) traditions of First Nations cultures. In 2019, Allen and Unwin published the Gay'Wu Group of Women of North East Arnhem Land's book, Songspirals: Sharing women's wisdom of Country through songlines. It's authors, who [...]

Warrior Scholars

Decolonising Research—Storywork Decolonizing Research: Indigenous Storywork as Methodology (2019), edited by Jo-ann Archibald, Q’um Q’um Xiiem, Jenny Bol Jun Lee-Morgan, and Jason De Santolo, shows how Indigenous Warrior Scholars are using the epistemology of storywork to profoundly change research strategies used in the Academy, and reveal the potential for a transformation in pedagogies and the [...]

The Third Archive – The Promise of Songlines

The painting featured above, held in my personal collection, is of the Tingari Songline by George Ward Tjungurrayi, a Senior Knowledge man of the Gibson Desert (Barbara Lepani).   Songlines: The Power and Promise How to do justice to this small paperback, Songlines: The Power and Promise, written by Margo Neale Ngawagurrawa, Senior Indigenous Curator [...]

Why Epistemology and Ontology Matter

Epistemology and Culture Epistemology is the study of how we construct our systems of knowledge (ways of knowing) that express our worldview. These rest on our ontology, our ideas about the nature of reality. In a multicultural society, it is important to understand that our different cultures embody different assumptions about ontology and epistemology. I [...]

Embedding the Arts in Community

Community Matters Blue Mountains artist, Wendy Tsai, asks: “How do we garner and nurture the passion in why the arts are so important in cultural life?” The answer to this question lies in the strength of the relationships between the creative arts community of practitioners and the wider community of people who are interested in [...]

Jo Truman—Multimedia Artist

I sat down with Jo Truman, a multimedia artist living in Wentworth Falls to discuss her life journey as an artist working with sound, musical composition, voice and the visual arts.  While most of her works involve sound and musical compositions, she is also an accomplished visual artist as this watercolour, gouache and graphite image [...]

Call of the Dakini | A Memoir of a Life Lived [Extract]



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