Creatives for Regenerative Living

Blue Mountains Creative Arts Network—Open Day As part of our commitment to connecting creatives across the Greater Blue Mountains, we are holding our 2022 Open Day on Saturday 30 April at the Gallery H complex at Dargan on the northern side of the Blue Mountains National Park, where the border between the local government areas [...]

Ceremony and Indigenous Art – Hetti Perkins

NGA Fourth Indigenous Art Triennial: Ceremony—open till July 31 2022   We all know how important the arts—whether in film, music, performance or the visual arts—have been in helping non-Indigeneous Australians understand the depth and breadth of Australia's ancient cultural heritage of our First Nations peoples.  It tells not only a story of the devastation [...]

Challenging the Old Story

Perspectives This morning I met with a local political leader who has been active in the Labor Party for some time. As we sat talking about the need for better organisational infrastructure for the Blue Mountains arts and culture sector, so that as part of Civil Society, they had a collective voice with which they [...]

Thoughts—Towards a Philosophy of Regenerative Living

Shifting Ground We are all aware we are living in turbulent times where the ground seems to be shifting beneath our feet. Old assumptions are being challenged, while new ways of making sense of it all are yet to crystalise. This is a time when we need to find a new story to make sense [...]

Artistic Activism in Turbulent Times

What is the role of artist activism in an increasingly anxious and polarised society in the face of global warming, pandemics and increasing income/wealth inequality and insecurity? What has inspired art-making through the centuries from the markings on cave walls and ritual dancing and story-telling, to the plethora of images, writings, music and performances that [...]

The Climate Adaptation Question

RISKS OF A THREE DEGREES WARMER WORLD Today, reading about the most influential articles of 2021 in The Conversation, I came across a report produced in March 2021 by the Australian Academy of Science on the risks Australia faced in a 3 degree warmer world, and the core policies needed to help Australia play is [...]

Weaving the New Story

Watering New Shoots I watched the way the gum tree forests and tall boy grasses sprouted defiantly and joyously after the black summer fires ravaged the lands around me. I searched for the new tender shoots of wisdom that might sprout as we humans looked into the face of our devastation wrought by greed, arrogance [...]

The Ecology of Revelation

Insights from Tibetan Buddhism The Buddhist scholar, Antonio Terrone (JSRNC 8.4 (2014) pp. 460-482), has explored how the Tibetan Buddhist terma (treasure) tradition of revealed teachings is based on forming an interdependent exchange between humans and the land they inhabit.  The terma tradition is associated with the 8th century mystic Padmasambhava who is credited with [...]

Lessons from Deep Time Mythic Thinking

The Serpent Gurrangatch and the Hunter Mirragan  The following post is based on a talk that Bhikkhu Sujato gave at “New Horizons in Buddhism”, the 16th Sakyadhita International Conference on Buddhist Women, held at Leura in the Blue Mountains in June 2019. Global warming is an unprecedented threat to the survival of our civilization and [...]

Linking Ancient Songlines—Art/Science Collaboration with Elders

The Genestream Sculpture Sculpture Designer, Ben Beeton: "When you walk into this sculpture you represent humanity…there's that sense of responsibility, that sense of heritage and — as the Indigenous people will tell you – that stewardship of the land." It is hoped the sculpture will be the first of more than 100 artworks linking ancient [...]

Call of the Dakini | A Memoir of a Life Lived [Extract]



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